Retirement Planning

These days there is a lot more to retirement planning than ever before. Anyone planning their retirement without consulting with a financial professional could be setting themselves up for a failed retirement. We help our clients navigate the muddy waters of retirement.

Social Security Planning

There is a lot more to Social Security then “do I file at 62, 66, or 70?” Social Security must be integrated with all other retirement assets to get the most out of it over your lifetime. Not doing this can cost you thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Tax & Income Planning

Besides his other qualifications, Mike Falco is also a CPA. As such, whenever we do any type of planning, the tax consequences are always taken into account. Went you to receive the income you need in retirement in the most tax-efficient way possible.

Life Changing Events

What do you do if you inherit a large sum of money? Do you want it to waste away like so many inheritances? Of course not. On the other end of the spectrum, how do you deal financially with the death of a spouse? These are times when it is critical to have a financial professional to speak to. We have been helping people in this situation for over 30 years.


There are some people who are financially “set”. The main concern of many of these folks is often leaving a legacy. This requires some advanced financial planning. Taxes are a major issue when it comes to legacy planning.